Fan Art R Us
you wanted it, now you got it

Because the people have been clamoring for a fan art page for awhile now, I've caved and bowed to your wishes. I hope you like the art, and if you would like to contribute, please don't hesitate to send it my way, okay? It doesn't have to be Aino Minako, Sailor V, Sailorvenus, or even Artemis. Those are, of course, more than welcome, but I would like to say that it must be BSSM related. That's it! So, contribute. Please include your name, e-mail addy, webpage home... or anything you'd like included. [If you would like your name/e-mail/whatever withheld, please just ask and I will accommodate you!]

Sailor V, Sailor Venus, and the Sailor Team, all in one picture! Amazing! Artist: Turbo
Webby: The website of Tom Turbo 17
This loverly piece of artwork was offered to me, and then sent, by zee very nice Turbo. ^^ Her comics are amazingly cute and hilarious, never sacrifing one for the other. You should go and see her site, it's simple but the content will take you ages to get through. Trust me. This pic is so vibrant! *purr*

Chibiusa as a Princess, quite pretty Artist: Nyanko
Webby: Kaleidoscope
I love this picture. Nyanko said I could use one of her fan arts here, and I could barely make up my mind because she's super talented. ^^ I picked this one though because it seems to be more of her own style and it's so, so pretty. But you should definately go see the others too!

Venusy wishing me a happy birthday! yay! Artist:   David
Webby:   Aceiss
This loverly image was a birthday gift from my bestest friend, Davidy. ^___^ He's so sweet! *cuddles* He said I could whore his art here too, so.. I am! Muhahaha.. And because he's special and... stuff, I'm going to include two pictures. This one because it's special to meeeeeeee [as well as being adorably cute] and another... well, just scroll down and see why. ^^

Kitty!! cuuuuuuteness! Artist:   David
Webby:   Aceiss
Is this not adorable? *pets the pretty kitty* Moon kitties can either be really easy to draw or a real pain in the butt. But this one is adorable! Look at it! LOOK! *gets all commanding and things* Well, I think it's cute. And, really, that's what matters. Go have a looksee at David's page and see some more of his art and lots of his insanity. ^___^

Eternal/Star Venus Artist: Jess
Webby: Watercolor Stain
Look! More Sailorvenus artwork! *dances about all happy like* And this, this is a stunning picture of Eternal/Star Venus, don't you think? I love the colors, the pose, the wings... *eyes go all sparkly* Jess emailed me a little while ago and said I could use some of her super nifty artwork. And since only a fool would refuse... I tell you, Look At This Picture!... and then go see some more

Headshot of Sailorvenus! Artist: Jess
Webby: Watercolor Stain
Okay, I tried to be good and only include one... But she sent so many for me to peruse and look over and... Well, currently this place is a little empty... So what does one extra image hurt? ^^ Besides, I think it's cute! Plus, for those of you who are like me... You like to see at least a couple of pictures by a fan artist before you go to their site and fall utterly in love. So look at this one and the one above it and go see her work!

The Queen of Venus Artist: Star
Webby: Crystalline Dreams
This was sent to me a few weeks ago, and I've only now gotten off my lazy duff to add it. I think I'll let the artist speak for herself on it: "However, the pic is a my realistic attempt at what Mina would look like if she were an actual person. To some, it may not look anything like Minako, but I did draw the picture with her in mind."
Personally, I rather like it. It's kind of different, but I can definately see Minako in the picture. Can you?

Artemis and Sailorvenus. So cute! *cuddles* Artist: Turbo
Webby: The website of Tom Turbo 17
Turbo. strikes again! But in a good way. The day after my huge *coughsarcasmcough* update, I recived this adorable piece of artwork. ^____^ If you still haven't gone to her site, well, why the hell not? It's amazing! GO NOW! [yes, I am sending you off my page to hers.. No, I am not foolish! You'll like it!]

Sailor Venus in ink Artist: Star
Webby: Crystalline Dreams
Got this tonight and allll I can say is holy mother of God. Okay, so it's not quite that high up there, but look at it! It's so pretty, so simple, and so gorgeous. I really like the shading on the collar, which makes it look so... realistic. *gushes* Normally I'd sound all witty and smart, but it's early/late and the picture speaks for itself. ^^

Sailorpluto: PPG style! Artist: Jess
Webby: Watercolor Stain
I'm a sucker for the PPG, and I'm also a sucker for Sailor Pluto, so this just seemed like a no brainer. Now, you'll notice this is the third piece of art from Jess, so you should get the idea that she's really talented. You should go see and cry until her site is up to speed again. Really. She's that good. ^___^


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